One of those “20-somethings” trying to figure out life one day at a time, through experiences, thoughts, epiphanies, conversations, and adventures. Fighting hard to be my own role model, taking all of the best things from all my role models. I could not imagine a rougher road. It may take a lot of redirecting, but I will make it some day.

So I write. I write through the pain and frustration. I write through the happiness and elation. I write out the dreams and memories. I write out the scenes and fantasies. So I write. About today, about tomorrow, about the chances lost, the chances taken. So I write, hoping my subconscious will tell me something new, and help me find the next direction on the path I’m wandering down.

And I travel. To cities here and there, close and far, known and unknown. For family, for friends, for vacation. For escape and entertainment. For education and experience. To feel alive.

Occasionally I am creative, through short stories, through poetry, through detail. It is always best when the creativity takes hold and flows through my fingers. Most of all I write for the connection. Because we are all unique, and we are all uniquely connected, but we are all connected, and we are all one. Empathize. Include.


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