I am trying to figure what I have spent my entire night doing, because I feel as though I have only been typing up a few work emails (which took longer than expected, but not five hours). But I remember! I napped, I putzed, I read Yes Please, and I got to talk with some of my best friends! There is something both rejuvenating and equally sad about catching up with best friends. For my guys in Minneapolis, it made me miss them so much more and I just wanted to give them big bear hugs. So tonight, I am homesick for my Minneapolis loves. I wish I could chill out with them over beers for hours shooting the shit, not just short little catch up skype dates for half an hour (although I will gladly take what I can get!). My heart aches for the familiar and easy personalities and spaces. Knowing all my walls can be down completely and it will all be okay.

I also got to catch up with my NY best friend because he is home from his three week stint in Europe! It was short but sweet– planning for a future evening of dishing on the last month of our lives. Our conversation had this feeling of homeyness to it though. Such a crazy contrast of conversations…missing my people back home and the excitement of finally getting to see my person here who has been gone. I cannot express how much love I have for all these people and how grateful I am to still have them all in my life. Yeah, this is a gushy personal post because I am a little homesick for friends, and I am exhausted but still need to get my post in for the day! I’m ruminating on all the fiction stories I have started and debating what ones I would like to continue and how I would like to continue them. I’m still wondering what Mrs. Peabs and company are up to, but Athena and Jax seem to be tied up in quite the mystery. Meanwhile we have some teeth who are trying to escape the mouth they grew up in. Maybe it’s time to think up another story of action, adventure, mystery, and…murder? Dystopia? Utopia? Comedy? I have yet to dabble in any comedy writing. I am considering making my posts a little more structured, and sticking to a theme each week or laying out a topic each day (or even a theme each day). The more limits I put on myself, the more creative I will become! Plus a return to some poetry would be good. So many ideas, so little time!

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