“Psst! Hey! Jimmy- you awake over there? I think she’s falling asleep.”

From across the dark, moist room a large yawn breaks out. “Yeah, yeah, I’m up.”

“Great, I’ve had some great ideas for adventure since yesterday. Don’t wake the gang just yet, she isn’t quite down for the count. Hey, you’re looking a little dry- you okay?”

“Ugh, yeah, just chomped on a little too much sugar today. She has really got to cut back on that shit.”

I was finally falling off to la-la land when I thought I heard voices in my apartment so I sat up.

“Whoa, shit! She’s up!,” whispered Cam in a loud voice.

I heard it again. Either I’m going crazy or the walls are paper thin in my new apartment. I stood up and walked around the apartment. I saw the light on in my roommates’ room, but heard nothing. Probably just Lars doing some late night work for his company; maybe Jenny reading a book while he worked. Their nocturnal hours amazed me, but I guess I understood since they had been living in Norway for a few years. I walked into the kitchen to fill up my water and head back to bed. Time to try to fall asleep again after a night of insomnia, a little bit of meditation music to carry me off to sweet dreams and silence the voices in my apartment building.

Twenty minutes passed and Jimmy and Cam finally decided they were in the clear as Cam gave the signal, waving his arms.

“Okay, Cam, what’s the plan? I am sick of the bottom row getting all the attention, and it is time we did something about it. Timmy has had two cavities and we haven’t even lived here 30 years yet, while the bottom row is all healthy! This is ridiculous.”

“What if…we just move out? I was thinking about it and I’m sick of day in and day out putting in all this hard work, breaking down bread and chocolate. We always get coated in sugar and it’s really starting to affect my health. I mean, I know she gives us a place to live and brushes us, but I want some adventure! We always here about all these other teeth who do all these fun and crazy things. The wisdom teeth should have it the best because no one is supposed to keep us! We get pulled, and are free to explore the world!”

“Hey, will you twos shut up? I’m tryin to take a saliva bath over here! I don’t need ya’ll yappin while I’m tryna relax.”

“Aw shaddup Junior, this doesn’t concern you anyway.” And of course at that, Junior’s ears perked up to listen.

“Oh yeah? Whatchu two wise guys plannin over there? If you don’t cut me into your scheme I’ll wake the whole roof, and maybe SHE might even wake up. Wouldn’t want that wouldja?”

“Ugh, you have got to be kidding me. Fine Junior, listen up, but you are on your own if you want ‘in,’ every tooth for himself,” groaned Cam.


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