Netflix and other streaming options (Hulu, Hulu+, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, etc, etc) have become the norm in the last few years. Many people don’t own TVs and simply stream all their favorite TV shows and movies online in one way or another (and maybe not always legally…). Hulu is my drug of choice for watching recent episodes. Netflix is my drug of choice for movies, old TV shows, and Netflix Originals. HBO Go will be my go to drug when I have time to start some of those HBO shows and get caught up on others. (We all know binge watching TV/movies/etc on these sites is addicting…)

Today I realized it is not only the watching of shows and movies that has become addicting, but the crafting of a perfect Netflix profile to reflect your wants and interests that is addicting as well. Finding new films and specials to add to your queue to watch at a later time. Listing all your genres of interest with how frequently you watch said genres so Netflix can cater it’s suggestions directly to you! Rating films and shows you have already seen so Netflix knows how you feel and can add that into its algorithms. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you start to get lost into the madness sometimes you lose up to two hours of your day doing it (I don’t even know if I want those two hours back?). I must say, I have never been so excited to have time in the future to sit down and watch the shows and movies in my Netflix queue. (So excited!) The flip side is that I could have just picked a movie that I knew I wanted to see and probably watched it tonight, instead of doing all that. I guess you can’t win them all.

How did I craft my perfect Netflix profile you ask? Well, I thought you’d never ask! For the large part I chose almost all genres and said that I watch them all “sometimes.”(I think five options of choice would be a little better here, you know, if Netflix was wondering. I definitely watch some a little more than sometimes and others a little less, but they both ended up smack in the middle.) I then went through and rated as many shows as I felt like I had a strong 1-5 star opinion on (or a “NOT INTERESTED” opinion on), while adding a lot to my “watch list” or queue, or whatever is they are calling it these days. (Are US Americans confused by the word “queue?”) I digress into boringness. Tonight I learned that Netflix has a ton of awesome stand up comedy featured on it, however, so that is exciting. I started watching like three different stand up specials (they always start out so good but then my focus and attention wanders somewhere during the second half). Also some good documents and big films right now (Snowpiercer, World War Z, Wolf of Wall Street, the Interview, Oculus–haven’t seen them, but I can give you my opinions once I do see them). It feels like I have created a fun and exciting “to do list” that I cannot wait to start.

So about that grad school app….

Page 15 of 365

Edit: HA! I just came across this rambling satirical piece, which is accurate and much better than what I wrote about Netflix– Addicted to Netflix


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