Microwaves are a luxury that we take for granted so easily. I have always had a microwave, everywhere I’ve lived. And in reflection, one of my roommates has always provided said microwave–whatever the situation. When I moved into our new place in December, I realized we didn’t have a microwave. Not only that, but my roommates said they did not use/need a microwave. (Wait…not everybody uses a microwave?!) So…I had to think…do I need one? Ultimately, I think the answer is no. So, I am going to try living a year without a microwave. It means a few things for me. It means I need to be mindful about what I make and how much I make (which is important anyway). Heating up leftovers is more of a challenge and it takes more planning (especially if I’m going to use the oven). But it also makes me slow down a little bit, which in and of itself is important. (Distracting side note- “in and of itself” is a weird idiom that I googled immediately after thinking it and using it. It really has little meaning and is cluttering. I could easily just say “which is important” or “that alone makes it important.” I’m leaving it as is purely as a conversation piece.) My title is a bit of a misnomer, however. I still have microwaves at work (yes, plural), which I will definitely use (as I try to get better at bringing a lunch and regulating my spending & healthier eating). Not having one at home is fine. It is a time luxury item, that is bulky, (sort of) expensive, and will be a huge pain in my ass if I ever have to move.

Overly long explanation aside, I like the way this post’s title sounds as a new marking of the new year. It signifies new roommates, a new apartment, and new adventures. And an interesting intersection between necessities, clutter, and luxuries. This piece also signifies a new project I am going to start this year. Almost a year ago I nearly successfully re-started the #project365 project, where the idea is to take one photo every single day, for an entire year. Simplify or complicate per your desire, but that is the basic project. I say nearly successful because I am about two weeks away from the day I started my (second) #project365, but I still have about 55 days worth of photos to go. Obviously I missed a few days here and there throughout the year (but I am still posting 365 photos, dammit!). In the year 2014 I feel as though I greatly neglected my writing and my blog, so that is where I will find myself in 2015. A new project for 365 days, I guess I’ll call it #write365 (because hashtags are all the rage, blah blah blah). I plan to write something every day for 365 days. Today is day one.

This post cannot be complete without additional creative writing (it seems a little blah as is). So I’ll add a little piece I was thinking about on my way to grab drinks the other night:

“And we wait. And we wait and we wait and we wait. There is no instant gratification when it comes to the subway. Late. Trains are always running late. Unless you are, then they are always ahead of schedule and you just…missed…your train. No matter. Can’t control it, must surrender to it. The important thing is maintaining the ability to let the frustration of missing your train roll off your impermeable shoulders. Do not let yourself become permeable.”

PS- Why does all microwave clip art have a whole chicken in the microwave? Who does that?

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