I turn on the noise to get out of my head. I listen to music to get out of my head. I watch tv to get out of my head. I watch movies to get out of my head.

When I am alone I get so lost in myself that the seconds become minutes become hours become bed time. And where did my day go? It got lost in my head. And it is so hard to escape, so hard to get out of the prison that is created my by own thoughts. Shut up. Shut up. You are taking away my time. So noise is my key. Noise is my escape pod that sets me free. And it makes me alive again, I can feel it in my soul, I can always feel it. Pushing me to move, to dance. Noise. Music. It rips me from my train of thought and creates kinetic energy in all my atoms.Noise connects me to the world around me and reminds me that the life outside my head, outside my room, outside my apartment is infinite. And I am missing it when I let my thoughts trap me in. Noise reminds me, beautiful things are happening. Kids are laughing and playing across the street for field day. Birds are chirping in the sunlight. Fire trucks are racing to stop tragedy. Musicians are pouring their heart and souls into music that defines them, that defines those who listen to it, that breathes life into hearts and minds.

And so I collect it. Some would say I hoard it (450+ CDs and growing). Because it connects me to others, to memories, to history. Music is the common denominator when you meet new people. I can appreciate all of it (almost). And if you ever feel alone, put some music on. Whatever emotion you want, music can lend itself to break through and into that emotional barrier. So the mornings when I struggle to get out of bed, I crank the tunes, and they fill me with life and energy. They give me inspiration when I need it. They shake anger and frustration out of my head. They shake the spider webs from my limbs. A great tune must never be underestimated.

And when the day is late and I can’t sleep and my thoughts will not let me rest, I turn to tv and movies to distract, to fill my head with new ideas and thoughts and stories. Sure, it’s visually stimulating and therefore you might think noise is unnecessary. But the inner monologue of life is so loud that it helps to hear the voice of the actors, pushing out all other unnecessary noise. The story lines, the jokes,the character development. You get lost in someone else’s head, someone else’s imagination. And you are able to see the world through the writers’ points of view. And then philosophy takes over and takes you to wherever you need to go.

Noise. Truly an amazing sense. If I ever go deaf, I will have to reconsider, to learn something else. But of the five senses, hearing is by far my favorite.


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