I was just thinking about inspiration to write. I need to be pushed toward something tangible. As I opened my blog this morning, the daily prompt sat there, waiting for my attention (Daily Prompt Senses). To write about the early morning senses that draw you out of the deep tunnels of your innermost thoughts and creativity.

Noise. Noise is what wakes me up in the morning, most mornings. The iPhone strum of a harp (da da da da da da da da dun), it doesn’t jolt you awake loudly but says, “shhh, it’s time to wake up.” Its weakness often results in failure, as I hit the snooze to re-enter the imaginary world of my mind where I know I was having a fascinating dream….if only I could remember it. This morning it was all too easy as the soft pitter patter of rain lulled me back to sleep on my little cloud of a bed. Harp, snooze, harp, snooze, harp, snooze, and so it went for most of the morning in the first hour. (My only reason for the early rise was a morning run, which seemed less than brilliant with the threat of lightning.) Until the pattern was disrupted by a chime in between snooze cycles. A text message. An unexpected noise is the best way to draw me awake in the morning when I’m holed up in my dark cave of a room, alone in a deep slumber, hibernating until there’s a good reason to wake up. An invite to dinner. My brain was now engaged in today’s world as the outside cracked with thunder. No more snooze cycle. Time to wake up, face reality, and make important decisions for the day (what’s for breakfast and what time do I need to leave for the rugby match?). As the rain trickles off, the birds come back to life, chirping and calling out to one another, as the thunder booms in the distance. This is my Saturday morning soundtrack.


6 thoughts on “Noise

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