Some days all the doors and windows are left unlocked and unhappiness lets himself in, bringing in his friends, frustration and anger. They hang out a while, even at my insistence for them to go. Even when I attempt to invite happiness over. But she won’t come over when anger is around because he just sucks the life right out of her. So they all stay. Eventually anger gets bored and leaves, but the other two make themselves at home. They only stay because they want attention, and I want them to leave, so of course they get all the attention they came for in the first place.

And sometimes they are easiest to deal with when alone, because others only aggravate them and the problems they cause (for I’m certain they are carrying their own stowaways– paranoia, insecurity, micromanage, anxiety, the fight-picker). These stowaways come and go, but they all most certainly wear their welcome out when left to their own devices. When fed by their hosts with attention, the ones that get fed more grow bigger, the ignored ones will eventually leave, bored. But sometimes they are easiest to deal with in the company of others who are stronger. Those who are willing to sit and listen and help you drive out unwanted stowaways, or those who hug you so tightly that the stowaways are suffocated from the love and support. (Science says hugging and cuddling are good for your health, so we should do it more often [and learn to hug like you mean it, none of that limp noodle arm hugging]–Touching Makes You Healthier).

In the end, there is always a new day tomorrow. Or maybe you need two days to crawl out from the negative. Negative spaces will always exist that we need to crawl from. This year I went to a breakfast in celebration of MLK, Jr. An important thing one of the speakers said was, “If you can’t fly, drive. If you can’t drive, run. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. But keep moving forward.” We just need to keep crawling forward.


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