Late nights spent trying to figure things out.
Late nights spent watching marathons of tv shows.
Late nights spent blasting music and having dance parties for one.
Late nights spent trying to accept the push.
Late nights spent pretending to be a philosopher.
No. Not pretending. We’re all philosophers in our own way. We all have questions, we all have ideas, we all have imaginations (even the most evil, the most dry, the most boring, they all have an imagination trapped somewhere down deep in their souls in a little box…if only they would let it out to show them what they are missing).

There comes a time when you have a feeling deep in your gut. Pulling you, pushing you, moving you to move, to stop sitting still, to stop being still, to stop the stagnancy of your life. When you hit certain points, there is a sense of clarity that hits you all at once. Now is the time. Happiness can exist anywhere, but long cold winters without sun suck life out of all things.

It’s like a hair cut. You wait, and wait, and wait to get your hair cut. It’s not a priority, and your hair doesn’t look that bad. But, all of the sudden, you want to take a razor to your head. You want it gone. Or at least, you want it cut. Impulse. An itch. Cut it, cut it! Or maybe the itch comes from somewhere else. A need for something different, ranging from similar to drastic. Sometimes you don’t realize how quickly it sneaks up on you, how unprepared you are, but how necessary it is. Whatever sign you see, whatever things you feel, they are telling you to jump now before you end up caged forever.

Becoming mobile, whittling down your belongings to a few suitcases (and if your anything like me, your mattress that you are madly in love with [because have you spent as many nights with anyone else as you have your mattress?]), because material objects only weigh us down. Physical baggage. We all have enough emotional and unseen baggage to carry with us, we don’t need to add so many material things. Capitalism and consumerism have skewed our perceptions of life and living. Why do we treasure the things that we treasure? How do we narrow it down? How have we accumulated so much? Maybe you are among the lucky ones who dropped your material baggage off in boxes to the nearest Salvation Army, Good Will, or ARC long ago. Maybe you are stronger. Maybe you had a moment of strength to purge the unnecessary. You might regret it at some point, but in general, you will be thankful that you were strong enough to let so many unnecessary things go. More freedom. To roam, to wander, to stay, to go. More room, for happiness, for emotional space, for understanding, for creativity. For creativity. We would all do well to put a bit more creativity in our lives. Or maybe a lot. You must be stronger than your fear and insecurities. 

So. What’s next?


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