Some nights. Some nights you just feel needy. Not lonely per se,  but aching. Aching for something that is unrecognizable, but recognizably missing. You are pulled by the core of your being, as if someone has reached down inside of your chest with a burning hot hand and grabbed your heart and soul to lead you somewhere. Destination unknown, but you have so many options. New. Change. Challenge. These are all good things, all important things. And to feel them is to feel alive. You know the burning hand wants you to feel alive again.

Not because you feel dead, but because you know that something is missing. It is pulling you and waking you up from hibernation. Come alive again! The world is waiting. Waiting for you to do great things because if you just risk failure, because failure is a small price to pay in the big scheme of things, if you risk that, great things will happen. Why wait and stay “safe?” What does that even mean? What does that even accomplish?

Do not wait. Nothing is ever safe. Fulfill the need that makes you feel needy inside, the want, the desire, the emotion. Feel it. Express it. Let it free. Stop caging it up, stop caging yourself up. Be free. Damn the man and save the empire!! Metaphor metaphor, simile simile. The empire is your life, and you are emperor or empress or whatever other gender neutral term you prefer for leader of the empire.

The longer you wait, the more you will feel stuck. Don’t get stuck. Don’t let someone make you stuck. Be free. Sing out loud. And don’t wait for things to happen. Because they won’t. Not if you don’t make them. The status quo is for those who waited, and who continue to wait. So stop waiting, and be something. Now.


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