Let the solo soul searching continue! And the alliteration. I suppose I have a bit left untold from my camping trip, and I have plenty left to talk about, so I might revisit it later, but as I am about to jump off a new cliff, I thought I would share my excitement. (RUNONSENTENCES!)

This is the greatest solo undertaking I believe I have ever attempted. Google Maps. Two atlases. GPS. Change for toll roads. How much can I avoid toll roads. Planning an overnight stay. Toledo? Planning the route home through Canada. Passport! Currency exchange? Camping in Canada– hotel in Canada? Tourist stops on the way? Petrol stations? Or maybe gas stations. Take it in moment by moment. Audio books.

My first ever audio books actually. Both memoirs, both about genocide. (My fascination with human emotions, or lack thereof, and dehumanization, ethnic cleansing, and mental health, all mixed together. Delusions of superiority. Bullying on a giant scale, on steroids, turned deadly. Hatred. Homophobia. Xenophobia.) The first, a personal story about the Cambodian genocide…Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot. The second, a memoir of a POW who traded places with a Jewish prisoner in Auschwitz. I fought off the urge to start the Fire and Ice series via audio book (Game of Thrones), I really want to read it page to page and let my imagination take over. But it was so tempting. SO tempting.

Back to the adventure, destination Vermont. One of my best friends is getting married. Monday, a day of relaxation and preparation. Tuesday, a day of festivities, fun, and love. Lots of love. The Mountain Top Inn. 60 guests. A small wedding party. Setting: outdoors, with the mountains of Vermont in the backdrop.  Peach bridesmaid dresses. Beige shoes. Peach ties. Sun shining. Light breeze. The smell of the outdoors (fresh green smell with a mix of flowery smell and a hint of dirt). The palpable feeling in the air of joy, excitement, and love.

I can’t wait. Tomorrow morning. 7am. Ready, set, go.


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