I just wanted to express my positive state of mind. It seems like more often than not people speak to complain, to seek attention, to start a pity party- guest list: 1. I wanted to share some positive things, because, why not.

This new, “why not,” state of living is also pretty fantastic. I just applied to work at Camp Menogyn next summer, because, why not? I just bought a pair of  cute shoes yesterday, why not? If there is nothing else holding you back, don’t let yourself hold you back (okay, maybe don’t go shopping crazy though, that can be a serious addiction).  Go on a date with a total stranger, why not? Go swimming in your clothes, why not? I mean, truly, the list is endless. Woulda, coulda, shoulda- stop second guessing and just have fun. Life is about having fun, being happy, accepting sadness, learning how to be unhappy (in a healthy way) and moving forward. Wallowing sucks for everyone- you, your friends, your family, your pets, your coworkers, anyone and everyone around you while you wallow.

However, my purpose for this post is to give thanks, to be grateful for everything I have, and to feel like things are coming together (in multiple directions- choose your own ending!). Perfect situation for purchasing a used car in the spring? Check! Found a place to live that seemed to appear out of nowhere? Check! And those are just some of the big positives that have just fallen into place over the past few months. I’ve reconnected with friends in a big way. I’ve reconnected with myself in a big way. I’m pushing myself to do new things more often (new place to eat, new dish to cook, new food to order, new TV shows, new attitudes, meet new people, you get the idea). Small things, simple things, easy things to change, to experience the new. It almost seems like the less I worry, the better things get, and the more jig saw pieces appear and fit together to form the bigger picture.

Maybe it’s summer time. Everything is happy and warm, shiny and new in the summer. It coats everything in a shimmery glow. I’m hoping that summer is just the jumper cables to get things started. Wash your soul of all the negative influences around you, stop worrying, and jump in (to anything and everything). That’s my plan at least.


One thought on “When the puzzle pieces fit

  1. Thank you for this post- I needed to read something like this today- and this was perfect, thank you or being you!

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