Initially, this blog was solely for the purpose of documenting my travels abroad during my study abroad experience, both for myself and for my family and friends. I enjoyed it, although from time to time I felt like it was a little bit like a livejournal (which I’m sure few remember anymore).

However, recently, I have been reading a lot of blogs. Naturally, this has driven me to want to start blogging again (regardless if anyone ever reads it). First off, because deep down we’re all a little narcissistic and like to hear ourselves talk, and this is a great way to get ideas out without forcing them upon other people. Secondly, because I have this burning desire to write. Anything. Everything. Blogs, books, short stories, poems, songs. So, if I start with blogging, who knows what ideas will arise?

I am looking at this in less of a personal journal way, and as more of a reflective and philosophical creative outlet. So, there you have it. From here on out, who knows? And that is the beauty of creative writing.


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