The end draws ever closer… yesterday was the end of the Irish Summer Studies program! *tear* This week was a great week, even if I did have to study for exams, and take 4 exams in two days and 3 in one of those days. And it was a great week even though I found out Ihduhapi is ALREADY having the staff banquet this weekend (I can understand having it one weekend early…but four weekends early?). Sunday and Monday were pretty much study days, and read Harry Potter days. I don’t think I will ever be able to get those exam questions out of my head, and I will probably be able to recite my answers to you if you asked. On Monday I took a break from studying and wandered up and down Grafton, my favorite place in Dublin I think. I love Grafton because there is SO MUCH going on. People everywhere, street performers everywhere, and music everywhere. Who doesn’t love free street concerts? Or guys that carve sand into dogs, or people who dress up and paint themselves as statues, or the guy who makes amazing pictures with spray paint, or the guy with the marionette who can play the piano…. the list continues. But on Monday, I heard the best act I think I’ve ever heard on Grafton. They were kind of like a mixture of Damien Rice and Ray LaMontagne. The leader singer’s name is Kev Fox, and he plays the guitar, and has a woman who harmonizes (kind of like Lisa Hannigan did with Damien Rice) and a guy who plays the double bass and sometimes sings a bit as well. It was grand, so I bought the CD and went and saw them (along with three other acts) at the pub Doyle’s on Tuesday evening.

Yesterday I took my last exam (!) and went to sit in the park and read for a bit. I came home to drop off stuff and finish reading Harry Potter (I finished the 7th one…which I had bought for the purpose to read in Galway haha), which sucks because it’s all over now, for the second time. I went back into town for a bit down Grafton again, bought Siobhan a Thank You card (not sure what to get her yet…), nothing too exciting, back home for dinner. For the evening celebrations we went to Darkey Kelly’s for great craic (that’s Irish for fun), free drinks (only what was on tap, and wine), and karaoke. Which brings me to the reason for the title of my post. I ended up singing three songs- Allison and I sang Jackson 5, I Want You Back, Lauren, Anna and I sang Spice Girls, Wanna Be, and Nick and I sang Stand By Me. It was a great night, a lot of fun, and so many people went home today! But, some didn’t, and are staying in Ireland, so I might meet up with a few of them.

Today I was planning on going to Howth on the coast by DART, but it’s almost 11 am and I’m still in my pajamas…so we’ll see. I also need to get Siobhan’s thank you gift and pack! I just threw in my last load of laundry and came to the realization that Siobhan’s washer scares the crap out of me with the noise it makes (it sounds like someone is trying to break into the house, or like it might break). I also might grab dinner with Allison tonight and it will probably be about an hour and a half round trip for Howth, so I might pass on that. I leave for Galway in the morning and cannot wait! Four nights in Galway, one night on the Aran Islands (I am most excited for this), one night in Dublin, and I fly home! If I have time I will do one last  entry my last day in Dublin to wrap up the last two months of my life (I can’t believe I’ve been here for two months! but I can because I’ve been missing so much back in the States….). Time to head out for adventures of the day…. 🙂


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