After an entire week in Belfast, it was nice to be home to Dublin. Friday was kind of a relaxing, laze about day. Naps abound. Friday night was equally chill, card games and a pub with John and Nick, nothing too exciting. Saturday night was to be the adventure of Dublin clubs. During the day on Saturday I read a lot of Harry Potter (and the Order of Pheonix), but eventually got out and we did a bit of shopping. More for some necessities than anything, a couple shirts to go with the fabulous vest my sister got me and a wrist purse to keep in hand. As the evening approached, we headed out to meet up with our pals at the dorms, and hung out there a bit before going out. When we finally left we really weren’t sure where we wanted to go, but everyone was being a bit indecisive. We checked out a couple spots in Temple Bar, but of course they were much too expensive since that’s a tourist hot spot. A few people were being a bit whiney and not wanting to go to the club so we ended up at a pub, 4 Dame Lane, which, was truly lame. The music was crap and the company (aside from our group) was equally unimpressive. So we finally decided to ditch it, after meeting up with another gal from the program and a group of visiting friends of hers. We ended up at the Porterhouse, for much better music, much better company, some dancing, and strawberry beer. Maybe not a club, but hey, a fun night without a cover charge! The music stopped around 2:30 am so we decided it was probably time to catch a cab home, and Anna, Tessa, and I made our way out.

The cab ride home was fun, we had a nice cab driver who recommended some better clubs to check out. Tessa and I parted ways with Anna, and went to unlock the door and hit the hay…however… apparently Siobhan had not realized that we had gone out for the evening and had chained the door, ruh roh! We really didn’t want to wake up Siobhan so we brainstormed everything we might be able to do to try to get in. First we triedmaybe to get the chain off with our fingers in the doorway, 20 minutes of failing at that meant we needed a new plan. Fortunately, I had a key to the back door. Unfortunately, backyards don’t work the same way here as they do in the states. Her backyard is surrounded by three 6 feet tall cement walls, surrounded almost entirely by other similar yards. Well, we went to assess the situation by going around back to the alley, and decided if necessary, there was an area of overgrown shrubbery and trees that we might be able to get through. But first, we must try calling. So we went back around to the front and called. Siobhan answered, but something was wrong with the connection because I couldn’t hear a thing. I called again and it went to voicemail. Fail.

At this point, we decided to give the backyard a try. After wading through vines and bushes we made it to the corner, where Tessa gave me a boost up to the wall. After like 10 minutes I finally figured out how to get down (the immediate ground around the wall was covered in a flower bed), but climbing down a mini trellis to reach some stools. I got to the door, stuck my key in! and it wouldn’t turn. Obviously, because there was already a key in the door on the otherside that Siobhan leaves in the door. Fruitless. So, I climbed back out, and we went back to the front. We rang the doorbell and heard Siobhan coming down the stairs trying to figure out who would be at the door, and so we were just like, Siobhan, it’s us! Needless to say, she felt terrible. She had thought my phone call was her friend Kate who often calls drunk at four in the morning to chat with Siobhan, and had subsequently turned off her phone. She had come in only a half an hour earlier than us from her golfing banquet of some sort and had assumed we would already be in or had never gone out. We all had a good laugh and went to bed, but we left out our attempts to get inside from the back door. Tessa also suggested we somehow scale the front of the house to her window, which was open, but I’m fairly certain I would’ve broken something if I tried that one (it’s just a flat brick wall). So that was our adventure of Saturday night, documented well by Tessa’s camera, and we finally hit the hay at about 3:30.

Sunday was a super lazy day, reading Harry Potter, lazing about, until Kevin invited Tessa and I to see a movie with him. We went and saw Frozen River at the IFI theater in Temple Bar; a fun theater with very comfy chairs. They have a lot of the more independent films at this theater and I might go see a few more before my time is up here if I get the chance. That sums up the adventurous weekend, I’ll update on the week sometime this weekend. We had a film screening, a visit to the Dail (pronounced Doyle), a chat with TD Pat Rabbitte, a show at the Abbey (The Rivals), and tomorrow I head over to Killarney to see the beautiful National Park over there and hopefully bike around it, and come home Saturday evening. (I am waking up at 5 a.m., YIKES!) That being said, I should tuck in early tonight 🙂


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