So I realize I haven’t updated in about a week…but every time I get on the  computer I seem disinterested in updating. So hopefully I will update later today or tomorrow before we head off to Belfast for next week (I probably will not be on the computer at all that week because we don’t have any free access to internet). But for right now… When I went and had hot chocolate today at the coffee shop on Nassau Street I wrote down a bunch of random thoughts as I watched people walk by and I felt like that should be something I put in my blog:

As I sit here in the coffee shop, staring out at people, I wonder what everyone else is thinking. I wonder what all the other stories are that are wandering the streets. In Ireland to explore the sights? On Grafton Street looking for a good deal? Just trying to gain enough sympathy to get a few euros in your paper cup for dinner? Thinking about your boyfriend, your girlfriend, and what they might be up to? The next time you’re getting laid, the next time you’re getting paid? Can you survive through the recession? Will you be able to afford as an extravagant of a vacation as you had hoped? And I kind of wish I had someone sitting next to me, so we could speculate about each passing person and the intricacies of their lives. What is it that makes you laugh as you walk down the street? Are you really warm enough in that skimpy outfit, or do you feel that you need to prove something? What made you buy that bright yellow umbrella? Was it a pick-me-up, like my neon green shoes? Or maybe you just liked the color, simple enough. How much did that hair-do cost you? And as the cars drive by, I wish I knew how to drive a manual, because that’s virtually all they drive here. And the tourists walk around oblivious, always getting in the way, stopping abruptly, talking a thousand miles a minute in their native tongue, but hardly a word of English when you try to help. And when I walk down Grafton Street, I wish I could just sit and listen to all the mini-concerts being given by the guitarists and other street performers trying to make some change. As you walk by with your headphones in, I always wonder what you’re listening to. Have I heard it, would I like it too? What would possess someone to wear an entirely purple outfit, I wonder… And as the working people, who are perpetually in a rush, struggle to get past the gaggle of kids from Italy, I can’t help but smile. The only way to succeed is by speed-walking past on the street, if you can make it there. And when I get on the bus, I wonder how people could not want to sit upstairs, right in the front, with the best view of the world, to climb down the spiral stairs as the bus lurches forward and lurches to a stop. As you walk around with your hiking packs, I wonder, are you coming or going? Maybe in town for the Oxegen Tour? Just arrived or waiting for your flight out? When you got dressed this morning, did you realize your shirt looks like lingerie? A “Toadal Diva” umbrella covered with toads that are obviously divas makes me smile as it walks by. And who cares if it’s raining… you’re in Dublin.


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