On Friday, Anna and I decided to wander around the museums of Dublin and play tourist. We went to the National Gallery to soak in some art, went to the National Library to see the W.B. Yeats exhibit (which was phenomenal), and ended at the National Museum which had some really amazing artifacts on display (including artifacts from centuries BC and artifacts from the time of the Vikings, as well as bodies of people who had been found in the bogs of Ireland and therefore preserved/leathered by the bogs…pretty amazing). We had been planning to do the Guinness Brewery and Jameson Distillery as well, but after wandering around some stores and stopping at all the museums we were fairly exhausted, decided to save those adventures for another day. We did stop at the gift shop at Trinity so I could by myself a sweatshirt though (nice and sunny weather, but a cold breeze).

Yesterday we took our little day trip down to Kilkenny (about a two hour busride). It would’ve been a find ride if the two girls sitting behind us hadn’t been loud, and one of them had the most annoying and nasaly voice that I think I would shoot myself if I had to listen to her on a regular basis. Other than that, it was a fairly nice ride. We wandered around the town a bit, ate lunch by the river, took a tour of the Kilkenny Castle (which had a beautiful park and garden). We ended our exploration by stopping at the Playwright gastropub, having a pint, and watching the Lions vs Springboks match (which was super intense, the Lions dominated the entire first half, but the Springboks caught up in the second, and they were tied at the 80 minute mark, but Lions got called a penalty on [which I thought was questionable, because they were both jumping to catch the ball and the Lions player got penalized for taking the Springbok player out] and the Springboks kicked to score the winning 3 points). Caught the 4:15 busride home and slept for most of it.

Today has been a relaxing day, went for a run to the park nearby which is huge and beautiful (almost got lost because the path doesn’t go around it in a circle). It has at least two or three rugby pitches and as many if not more football fields (soccer fields to those who believe American football is a sport). I should probably get on to my reading for history… haven’t really done much of it yet.


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