Just a quick update before we head to the Cobblestone Pub….

Last evening the Irish music and dance was amazing, we just watched the dancing. Two fiddle players, a pipe player (I don’t know how to spell the name of the pipe he played, it’s a traditional Irish instrument), and a wooden flute player played some fun jigs and reels, also a song called a slider. A woman sang some traditional songs for us that were amazing, I was impressed and wanted to have a CD of it to listen to for myself. The leader of the group told us of the Cobblestone, that also has Irish music and such on Thursday nights (thus why we are going tonight 🙂 ). Later in the evening we went out to a few pubs, the Porterhouse and the Stags Head, where I tried a strawberry beer (delicious) and my first Dublin shot of Jameson. Anna and I trekked home afterwards, a very calm night.

The entire week has been ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. Blue skies, warm weather, and the sun beating down. Today I took the most advantage of it and went out after class to wander around Grafton Street and the surrounding area, as well as the Temple Bar area. I was on a mission to find a certain Claddagh Records store that no one seemed to know of whenever I asked, and when I finally looked it up and found the street, many didn’t even know that street was in Temple Bar. BUT, I did not give up and found it eventually, mission accomplished. I also found a hippie side street on my travels, and a fun shop that has a purse I fell in love with. I thankfully didn’t have much money on me so I didn’t buy it…but I am quite tempted. I also stood and listened to some young guys playing some traditional Irish music on Grafton Street. It was a very leisurely afternoon. Got to finish reading one of my plays for next week as well.

Late afternoon we started making plans for Scotland and Cork. I wasn’t much involved in the Scotland plans because I haven’t decided 100 percent if I will go, or if I’ll try to spend more time exploring Northern Ireland for the rest of the weekend we have up there. However, plans for Cork came together after about an hour and a half and we decided to stay Thursday and Friday night of next weekend (we have to be back Sunday morning at 10 am for the hurling match at Croke Park). I am really excited, we booked our hostels today, and Anna, Tessa, and I are going to figure out our exact transportation (we have more time to get there than the other girls because the Madison and Michigan kids have an extra film class that day). We’re thinking bus there and train back (that way we get two varying views). And it’s a little cheaper than round trip train.

Today has just been an amazing day all around. I’m having a grand time and the “!!!!” is the best way to express how I feel. All right, well I’m off to the Cobblestone!


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