Classes started on Monday- very long day. (Class from 10 am until 5:15 pm, hour break for lunch.) We have almost all classes Monday, and then Minnesota kids have no classes Tuesday, and a split of classes on Wednesday and Thursday. I think I have decided to test in Drama, History, Gaelic Culture, and Critical Issues. Literature was not what I was expecting on Monday, the professor was difficult to follow (he emphasized the last syllable of every word it seemed…it also seemed like he had a bit of a hard time talking). His name is Professor Terence Brown. He is obviously brilliant, but we did not really discuss any material on Monday. I also don’t want to purchase four extra books (and I’ve already bought the extra book for drama). I’ll probably sit in on the class anyway, hopefully my roommate Tessa will let me borrow her books when she isn’t reading them so I can read the material.

Monday night we went to the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl. We had theatrical performers leading us along the way so it was quite fun. At the end of it we had a little quiz, the winner of which would win a Dublin Literary Pub Crawl t-shirt. Somehow I managed to win that, through guessing and paying attention and being loud I guess (we were to shout out answers after our host finished each question). So that’s a fun little souvenir. Went to watch the Green Street Hooligans with Jacki, Allison, Anna, and Nick as well, but due to bus time restrictions, Anna and I had to leave before it was over. I think I’ll walk into town on Friday to see the best way to go and how long it takes so we can walk home in the evening sometimes.

Tuesday was lackluster. We had a talk about travelling around Ireland (a bit helpful) and a tour of the Trinity campus. After that we had the opportunity to look at the Book of Kells exhibit; it was quite amazing. The gift shop over there is fairly interesting as well, I’m thinking I’ll buy a Trinity sweatshirt, because I am a student of Trinity, the oldest college in Ireland. Kind of a big deal. Came home fairly early. For dinner we had pork chops, an apple sauce, potatoes broccoli, and some sort of squash or something. It was all very delicious. On thing I’ve noticed is that they have bacon or some kind of pork in almost every dinner… Good thing I’m not a vegetarian.

Today we had visual culture for the first time, which was extremely interesting but I do not think it’s something I want to test in. I think I will sit in on every class almost every week, maybe missing literature some Monday morning depending on all the travel we’re planning over the weekends. Tonight we have an Irish dance and music deal; it should be fun, I’m not sure exactly the plan, but I hope they teach us to do some Irish dancing. I might go out after, haven’t decided yet. This weekend I think I’m going to stay around the city, go to the museums and the park, the Guinness Storehouse, maybe the Jameson Distillery. I’ve talked to some of the other girls and I think I’ll go with them on some day trips (one to Kilkenny), and it sounds like a weekend in Scotland after our week in Northern Ireland. I would like to spend a weekend in Cork as well. Some want to go to London, but I haven’t decided my thoughts on travelling to London yet. Lots are going to Galway this weekend, but I think that I will spend my last week abroad in Galway, the Aran Islands, and maybe Dingle Peninsula if I can make it there. A trip to the Cliffs of Moher will also be a must.

Nothing else too exciting I suppose. I’m leaving in about 8 minutes so I should probably put on some warmer clothes (it’s gorgeous, sunny, bright blue skies, but the breeze is chilly and I only have sunlight until 10:30 :D, gotta make sure I stay warm through the night). Cheers.


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