Last night Anna and I ended up wandering around Dublin for a while trying to figure out what pub had the best atmosphere for us and the best prices for pints. We had met up with a few other people in the program, but decided we wanted to find a pub instead of watch some of the street performance (some of it was interesting, some of it was lame) and split off. After not hearing from anyone else in our program, we decided to head to The Celt, recommended to me by a friend. It was our first (and last) pub of the night where I bought my first pint (of cider…still not quite ready to dive into drinking beer, nor wine for that matter. After watching “The Dead” we were given wine at the reception and I barely finished half a glass). It was a fun and cheery little pub with live music and drinkers of all ages (18 and up that is).

We’ve only gotten off at the wrong bus stop twice now, so hopefully by now we’ve got it under control. The first time we got off one church too early (easily remedied by hopping on a bus to go the next few stops). Last night we got off about 5 stops too late, and it was too late to catch another bus in the other direction (buses stop running at about 11:30 p.m.) So we had a nice 30 minute walk through a somewhat ritzy neighborhood. At least we didn’t have anything we needed to be awake for this morning, slept until about 9:45.

Today we walked around Dublin and went to the Temple Bar Midsummer Festival for a bit, nothing too exciting, some live music and fun little vendors. For lunch, we got fish and chips for the first time here at the famous Leo Burdocks’ (it was absolutely delicious fish). Wandered down Grafton Street, bought a couple scarves, nothing over the top. Tomorrow we start our first day of classes and we have a literary pub crawl in the evening. I am excited to start classes. Today was a bit ho-hum, and would’ve been better if I had some reading to do (Sunday is a bit of a boring day here, tons of stores and restaurants are closed all day or only open for dinner).

Until next time….


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