Yesterday was a pretty laid back day after I went out to wander around a bit. I learned from one of my roommates for the evening, Patrick, that I actually can use my adaptor with some of my electronic things (such as my iPod charger) because its box converts the energy. Great! Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to do about my straightener…

Today I was picked up with Anna by her host mom Traxi, very nice woman. She lives a short two minute walk from where I am staying. Shortly after arriving at her place, my host lady Siobhan picked me up after picking up Tessa, who is also staying with Siobhan. Tessa and I will be dining with Anna at Traxi’s tonight, however, because Siobhan had some previous golfing engagement of some sort. Siobhan also has an older in-law living with her named Kevin, who is in his 40s and studying somewhere (I haven’t met him yet).  After a little tour of the house (which seems like more of a flat, with three narrow floors), we sat down and had scones and chatted. As it turns out, Siobhan has a cat that she inherited from her neighbors (I’m really hoping that this won’t bother my allergies…but it’s a good thing my mom convinced me to bring enough allergy meds for my entire stay). It shouldn’t be a problem because I don’t think I’ll be spending a ton of time sitting around the house, but I’ll take all the precautions I can. Siobhan has also offered the use of her computer to us (which I am grateful for, seeing as I did not bring my own).

Terenure is not far outside Dublin, about a 10-15 minute drive at the most, probably half an hour bus ride. Traxi commented that it was a nice walk to Trinity if we have the time to walk. I was going to go for a walk and explore a bit, but as I was unpacking it started to rain. Now, however, it is sunny with fairly blue skies. So far I feel like the weather here is a bit bipolar, but as long as we have some sun I’m okay with that. Tessa is taking a nap right now (she just flew in today), and we are heading over to Traxi’s at 5:15. Hopefully later she and I can walk around the neighborhood.

That’s about all for now. We have orientation tomorrow, a tour, and a screening of James Joyce’s The Dead (which I’ve already seen). On Saturday we leave for an all day field trip of Wicklow- I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures to post when I get home.


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