Well, I finally made my voyage to Ireland. I didn’t get much sleep on the plane…maybe an hour, hour and a half, spread out through the evening. It’s almost 4 p.m. here, so 10 a.m. Minnesota’s time. I can’t say I enjoyed the plane ride, but they did feed me dinner and breakfast (even if it was at 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.) and I sat next to a girl around 21 or 22 who had been to Ireland before so we chatted.

We got in at about 3 a.m., then I had to go through customs and get my back and take the hour and a half long bus ride to Centre City Dublin. (I could’ve taken faster, more expensive transportation but it was kinda fun taking the city bus, even though it was extremely difficult to tell where I was since they don’t seem to do the whole street sign thing here. Thankfully I figured it out and got off where I needed to.) When I walked in the gross rain to my hostel, I hung out in my room a bit with no idea what to do next. I’m in Ireland by myself! And I still have no idea when and where I’m being picked up tomorrow morning by my host mom… Hopefully I get an e-mail about that soon.

Since it was so crappy out and I had gotten no sleep the night before, I decided to take an hour nap…which turned into a couple hours. and it’s no longer raining! I figured I had the time and the free internet to start a blog so, why not. I’ll try to keep it fairly up to date when I have the time and access to a computer (which might not be often since I did not bring my own and I am only staying in this hostel for tonight). For now I think I’m going to do a little wandering aimlessly around the city, hopefully I won’t get lost. OH and if you have any burning desire to write a letter to Dublin, you can write it to:

Katy Isenberg

c/o Incoming Programmes- Irish Studies Summer School


19/21 Aston Quay

Dublin 2, Ireland


2 thoughts on “Hello from the Emerald Isle!

  1. Yay, Im glad you started a blog! Plus I think Mom and Dad will like it as well. Ill try to write to you while you are there, since everyone loves getting mail.

  2. Hey Katy:

    Happy trails!! I look forward to hearing fun story and detaily details. I love travel and doing it vicariously through you will be entertaining. 🙂

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